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About Us

Naomi Callan at her desk at work

Hello, I’m Naomi, mum to Henry and Claudia, people and planet lover and an Interior Designer.
When I had my first child I realised how hard it was to find unique decorative products for children. However, I not only wanted stylish, quirky furniture and decor, but I wanted to know that nothing in my child's bedroom had caused harm to another person, animal or planet.
As an Interior Designer, I knew how to research and find these products but when I talked to other parents, I realised that while their values were similar to mine, they didn't know where to start. So, thats why I set up Castles for Rascals. I wanted to provide a single place where likeminded parents could create a fabulous 'castle' for their little 'rascal'!
Our products are for people who care.
We help you easily create a space that your child loves which also reflects your taste, style and values. 
Our products are well made so children can enjoy them for years to come.
We source the majority of our products from the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. However some products are produced by Artisans in India with programmes that give back to the community like paying for a childs education or planting a tree for each product purchased. You can read more about our suppliers on our blog.


Personal Service

We strive to deliver exceptional service and products. Our core team of design-savvy mums is on hand to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Customer service is so important to me that I take personal responsibility for all our orders and I deal with all customers myself. So if you are happy or unhappy about our service, wish to return items or have any queries or questions, you can email me directly at naomi@castlesforrascals.co.uk or speak to me on 020 8339 0398

Love Naomi x