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It's cosy time! Some thoughts on how to Hygge...

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We have been thinking a lot about Hygge at Castles for Rascals. And talking about it a lot! So we are particularly delighted to share this piece on Hygge that came out of a conversation with our brilliant friend and talented writer Louise McCourt a few weeks ago.

And we've added some of our favourite super cosy things to inspire you to create your own Hygge atmosphere at home.

Thanks Louise for sharing your fab article and happy Hygge-ing to us all!

Snuggle up in this beautiful Owl Quilted Blanket by Ferm Living

The other night over dinner, a friend of mine told me about an interesting concept she was going to try out with her family. ‘It’s called hygge,’ she said (pronounced hue-ga), ‘a Danish approach to enjoying time with your family.’ Now call me cynical, but as soon as she announced this I couldn’t help but think my family would probably have more fun with a box of Toffifee. In my experience, being told about a certain way to do things rarely turns out to be a good thing. So I prepared myself to be told that I needed to stamp on my iphone and set light to the sweetie drawer. But then she explained more about it, and do you know what, I was hooked.

Super Scandinavian Style

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I love Scandinavian design and Scandinavian inspired patterns. I find myself drawn to the simplicity, humour and easy integration into most homes. Their simple stylish storage solutions that can help keep kids' bedrooms from looking like demolition sites!! The use of the unexpected and the quirky. The Scandis have brought us some pretty cool stuff over the years from IKEA to Lego, the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair to children’s TV classic the Moomins to name but a few - all have been hugely popular and appealed to all ages.

ferm LIVING Star Wallstickers

Lorena Canals

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Stylish washable rugs that are helping children go to school.

We love our marvellous supplier, Lorena Canals.

Lorena Canals White Angel Wings Rug


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Do you love or hate wallpaper? Some people think it’s a bit old-fashioned or don’t like it because it seems rather challenging and messy to put up.

Well, we love it! Once you overcome the fear of wallpaper paste, we love the way it can entirely transform your child’s room in an instant. It can make a room seem bigger just by the addition of a single wallpapered feature wall. It can make a small space look cozy and it can be dramatic or subtle. What it will always do is add character and personality to your child’s room.

Victoria Cramsie conceived the marvellous company PaperBoy from her frustration that she couldn’t find decent wallpaper for her two young boys when they had grown too big for their nursery decor. Her imaginative designs gave Castles for Rascals founder Naomi Callan, her initial inspiration and made her realise that there were considered designs for children that worked with a more adult style. Thank you Victoria!

The designs have been inspired with the creative input of the boys who love ‘edgy’ images as well as more classic dinosaurs, dragons and robots. Victoria has always responded to the children’s instincts and takes on board their sometimes surprising sophistication regarding colour, simplicity and texture.

when I grow up boys wallpaper

Victoria is totally passionate about what she does and really understands the transformative power of wallpaper in a room. She works on creating fantastically original wallpaper reworking traditional boyish childhood themes with often slightly off-the-wall (ha ha) and subversive funny ideas. The result is really vibrant,up-to-date children’s wallpaper that is always well crafted, high quality and exudes personality and humour whilst still being sophisticated enough to appeal to grown-up tastes.

Victoria describes the process as ‘…where boy’s themes meet grown-up style. Two opposing concepts coming together.’

We had a chat with Victoria to learn more about her fabulous wallpaper and this is what she told us.

10 Top Tips to Create a Healthy Child's Bedroom

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Every parent wants to create a safe environment for their child to sleep in so securing windows, covering electrical sockets and wires and making sure blind cords are secured and can’t be reached is of paramount importance.

But what about the hidden toxins? There are chemicals in almost everything around us. Children’s lungs are still developing, they breathe more rapidly and inhale more air per breath than adults and so are far more susceptible to airborne pollutants than us grown ups. So we thought we’d look at a few ways you can help to reduce the amount of potential toxins your child comes into contact with.

18 May 2016 11:27:05

xo-in my room

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Can you find sturdy yet quirky and original furniture for your child’s room? We discovered the answer is yes when we came across our marvellous new supplier, xo-in my room.

xo in my room moi crib

Is Interior Design wasted on children?

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During my career as an Interior Designer I have had many strange decorative requests and my fair share of tricky customers too. However my most recent client was quite possibly the trickiest! I was tasked to design a scheme that incorporated Fire Engines, Spaceships and Batman, with ample storage and areas to display collections of ‘precious things’. Yes, my client was my 4-year-old son! Why bother designing for a child I hear you ask?


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A sustainable UK brand that we think you will love.

We do our best to promote UK made products and work with people who believe in creating products that will inspire little ones’ imaginations whilst being ethically produced using sustainable materials.

Which is why we love Newmakers! And we think you will too!

Newmaker Wall Desk

Ferm Living

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We love companies who create sustainable products with bags of style, and were delighted when we discovered ferm LIVING. Founded in 2005, ferm LIVING has its Danish roots firmly in Scandinavian quality design tradition but employ a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item very contemporary.

Ferm living bedding from blog


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Can you be stylish and sustainable? We think you can! At Castles for Rascals we take time to source sustainable eco-friendly furniture and accessories for your little ones, whilst never compromising on style and fun. Which is why we are so delighted to be working with Kutikai!

Kutikai peekaboo wardrobe from blog