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April 2016

xo-in my room

By Imogen Emms 5 years ago 1475 Views No comments

Can you find sturdy yet quirky and original furniture for your child’s room? We discovered the answer is yes when we came across our marvellous new supplier, xo-in my room.

xo in my room moi crib

Is Interior Design wasted on children?

By Naomi Callan 5 years ago 1782 Views No comments

During my career as an Interior Designer I have had many strange decorative requests and my fair share of tricky customers too. However my most recent client was quite possibly the trickiest! I was tasked to design a scheme that incorporated Fire Engines, Spaceships and Batman, with ample storage and areas to display collections of ‘precious things’. Yes, my client was my 4-year-old son! Why bother designing for a child I hear you ask?


By Imogen Emms 5 years ago 1979 Views No comments

A sustainable UK brand that we think you will love.

We do our best to promote UK made products and work with people who believe in creating products that will inspire little ones’ imaginations whilst being ethically produced using sustainable materials.

Which is why we love Newmakers! And we think you will too!

Newmaker Wall Desk

Ferm Living

By Imogen Emms 5 years ago 1090 Views No comments

We love companies who create sustainable products with bags of style, and were delighted when we discovered ferm LIVING. Founded in 2005, ferm LIVING has its Danish roots firmly in Scandinavian quality design tradition but employ a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item very contemporary.

Ferm living bedding from blog


By Imogen Emms 5 years ago 2082 Views No comments

Can you be stylish and sustainable? We think you can! At Castles for Rascals we take time to source sustainable eco-friendly furniture and accessories for your little ones, whilst never compromising on style and fun. Which is why we are so delighted to be working with Kutikai!

Kutikai peekaboo wardrobe from blog