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Everything you need to know about baby showers

By Imogen Emms 3 years ago 3340 Views No comments

For many expectant mums, the baby shower is an important event as they get ready for their new baby, and it’s a great opportunity for friends and family to rally round and help the mum-to-be feel loved, supported and prepared. So whether you’re planning a baby shower, attending one or helping out, here are a few ideas to help it all go smoothly.

It’s usually a good idea to keep things simple and fun so that the mum-to-be can focus on relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family. Décor needn’t be elaborate – some pretty bunting would double up nicely as a nursery decoration and memento after the event, or you could present baby essentials in a neat basket that can be used to store toys later.

Half Moon Basket, Ferm Living

And if every guest chooses a dish to bring that’s the catering sorted easily!

Baby showers often involve some light-hearted games and activities, so be prepared to get involved! One fun idea is to supply a stack of plain white baby vests (the kind with poppers at the bottom) and encourage guests to decorate them with brightly coloured fabric markers. Or you could give out nappies or nappy liners and ask everyone to write a supportive message to the parents on the front, to help them through those late-night nappy changes!

Games can be a great way to break the ice, especially if the guests include a mix of friends and family. If you ask each person to bring a photo of themselves as a baby, everyone can enjoy guessing who’s who – if you’re really organised there could even be a prize for the person who guesses the most correctly. Or you could set up a modelling competition with everyone creating a plasticine baby against the clock – whoever creates the cutest model is the winner.

As well as showering the expectant mum with love and laughter, guests are also usually expected to bring a gift to help prepare for the new arrival. It is a good idea to check ahead with the mum-to-be in case she has any preferences about this – some mums prefer each guest to bring a favourite children’s book for the baby, in which case a set of our lovely bookends could come in handy as a little extra gift. Others request that items are gender neutral or work within a particular colour scheme. Blankets are a traditional baby gift and always come in handy in the moses basket and pram – we love this elephant design, available in a range of colours to suit any decorative scheme. A mobile is another great baby gift as it can be hung securely above the cot for the first few months, then moved higher up, well out of reach, once baby gets more mobile – check out our sweet kite mobile or this friendly octopus.

Octopus Music Mobile, Ferm Living

Baby showers are a fun and light hearted tradition with an important aim – to share our joy and excitement at welcoming a new life into the world, whilst showing the expectant mother our love and support. Have you got any top tips for baby showers or creative activity ideas you’d like to share?