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A Beautiful Treehouse Bed to Inspire Your Child's Adventurous Mind

By Louise Collins 1 years ago 284 Views No comments

Summer is finally here and last weekend my husband, two children and I headed to Box Hill in Surrey. After admiring the stunning panoramic views whilst munching on our sandwiches, we headed into the woodlands for a walk. When we entered the woods, dimmed by the lush green canopy overhead, the children spotted a huge tree and raced over to climb it. As we wandered further along, each magnificent tree seemed so inviting, their long branches almost beckoning them over, it proved impossible for them to resist. Eventually our walk became a series of tree scaling adventures.

As I trailed behind the children, watching them run towards their next big climb, I couldn't help but compare this day to one the week before when we had taken them to a theme park. It couldn't have been more different. The theme park was expensive, not to mention all the extras, but that wasn't what I was thinking about. The real contrast for me was how different I was with the children in the woods. I could watch them run ahead, seeing them stop every so often to look at a bug or balance on a log, and I didn't worry for a moment that I was about to lose them in a crowd. The previous weekend I had shouted 'stop!' whenever they had run more than a few feet away and it was exhausting. Now as we walked along the forest trail, with its path winding as far as the eye could see, it was so nice for them to skip ahead without constantly hearing 'stop' - not to mention so much more relaxing for me! The children were reluctant to go home after their day surrounded by nature. We drove down the hill on Zig Zag Road (which is as much fun as it sounds) and both children were still exhilarated, talking about the trees they had conquered.

Now imagine having some of this outdoor magic in your child's bedroom, every day, rain or shine! We have done just that, with carefully sourced products that are eco-friendly and support communities around the world. With this ethos in mind, we have the perfect interior design pieces to make your little ones fall in love with the natural world around them...

For your little adventurer

One of our most impressive items of furniture is the Treehouse bed. It brings the enchantment of the forest straight to your child's bedroom. This exquisite piece of furniture has been carefully designed as a traditional treehouse, with cleverly arranged boards, a pitched roof and a window to peak out from. Each Treehouse Bed is handmade in Belgium, using traditional methods, from PEFC approved wood. It is available in 27 different colours or in a natural wood finish, using solvent free paint. Its inventive design is versatile too, available as a single or bunk bed. The Treehouse Bed will provide endless fun for your child!

Treehouse Cabin BedTreehouse bunk bed in natural wood

What is wonderful about the Treehouse Bed is how it sets a scene - a constant reminder of being outside, with all the excitement of climbing trees and being surrounded by everything to do with nature. If you decide you can't get enough of this outdoors theme, there are so many ingenious ways to accessorise it. We love vibrant colours and prints and these are shown perfectly in our range of nursery and child's bedroom wallpaper, with themes around trees and forests. Cleverly designed in hues that reflect every season, it is easy to find the perfect wallpaper to match any colour scheme.

Mint green mountain tops wallpaperBlue forest tree childrens wallpaper Pink forest tree childrens wallpaper

Another way to bring your child's walls to life is with Nature and Wildlife Wall Stickers. These charming stickers can be applied with ease and work well as either a main feature, or positioned in a particular area of the room. Both look stunning and immediately transform a wall into its own outdoor story.

large tree childs wallstickerLarge tree and animals wall sticker

Your child can bring their love of the outdoors into their bedroom with a bright yellow tree lamp, in the shape of an apple tree. Or focussing on the 'house' in treehouse, we have a quirky little House shaped wall lamp. Made from natural wood, it is easy to imagine a cuckoo lurking behind it's little window.

yellow tree childs wall lightwooden chalet style house childs wall light

When your little adventurer comes to hang up their explorer clothes and bag for another day, what better place than on a wall mounted tree hook. The Birch Tree Wall Hook will be a favourite and you never know, it might even encourage them to do the actual hanging up!

black tree childs self adhesive wall hooksilver birch tree childs self adhesive wall hook

For Your Up and Coming Adventurer

It is so important to give your child an early start when it comes to introducing the natural world. Here are some wonderful ideas to develop their imaginations and bring a touch of soothing nature into their lives from the very beginning...

For little ones who aren't big enough for a Treehouse Bed, they can still dream about climbing a tree in this wonderfully innovative cot with its own little roof. It is made in a sustainable way using FSC approved wood and finished with solvent free organic varnish. This brilliant design will give them a cosy cocooned feeling, whilst providing the perfect introduction to the wonders of being in a real treehouse.

Wooden Cot with a roofMummy hedgehog and her babies nursery mobileYour child can look up from their treehouse cot and watch a sweet mummy hedgehog dancing in the air with her three little babies following close behind. Handmade in Denmark, this animal mobile with its calming movement is a perfect addition to a woodland inspired nursery

Scandi design landscape organic cot bumper

Little cherubs love to be cosy, whether they are outside or at home. Their introduction to nature will be complete with a Warm grey cotton cot Bumper, made from 100% organic cotton.

The perfect finish to your child's Woodland Themed Bedroom!